Glen Crest seventh-grade sex education

  • At Glen Crest Middle School, sex education is taught as part of the seventh-grade health curriculum.

    In accordance with state regulations for human reproductive and development curriculum, the material that will be covered includes puberty, human sexuality, female and male reproductive systems, pregnancy, birth control (including abstinence), sexually transmitted infections, sexual consent, and sexual abuse prevention. The students will be presented with factual information. Families are encouraged to have conversations about these topics at home before, during, and after in-class instruction. 

    Families can review the curriculum materials below. Prior to the start of the sex-education unit, families will be sent a letter notifying them that the unit is scheduled to begin. 

    Students can be excused from any part of the lessons by contacting the teacher. Contact Glen Crest health teacher Courtney Russell ( with any requests or questions.

Elementary growth and development

  • Fifth-grade students learn about human growth and development. Males and females are taught in separate spaces. A male teacher will lead the conversation for boys; a female teacher will lead the lesson for girls.

    Curriculum goals include:

    • Identify the characteristics of puberty and the effects of these changes on physical and social development
    • Learn the correct names of the reproductive organs, their location, and function
    • Understand the importance of personal hygiene

    The book that is used is "Your Body Book: What to Know About Puberty and Human Reproduction" by Linda Meets and Philip Heit, copyright 2000. Families that want to preview the content from the book can contact their school nurse. 

    Parents may choose to watch the video that will be shown during class with their child. 

    Video for girls:

    Video for boys:

    If your student has additional questions beyond the scope of the fifth-grade curriculum, we have gathered additional resources that may help your conversation at home here.

    Students can be excused from any part of the lessons by contacting the school principal. Please contact your building principal with any questions.