1839   DuPage County organized
    1843 First Milton Township School Trustees elected.  Trustees set boundaries for school districts.  First teacher in district:  Miss E. Vallette

    Bonaparte District Schoolhouse opens (near northwest corner of Butterfield Road and Route 53)

    1845 Dodge District Schoolhouse opens (intersection of Hill and Taylor Avenues)
    1848 Dodge/Wagner District Schoolhouse opens (northeast corner of Park Blvd. and Roosevelt Road)
    1870 Wagner District Schoolhouse opens (north side of Roosevelt Road and west of Park Blvd.)
    1917 Bonaparte District Schoolhouse opens (northwest corner of Butterfield Road and Park Blvd.)
    1920 District 39 and 40 consolidate to form Community Consolidated School District 89
    1925 Bonaparte School detaches from District 89
    1926 Wagner School opens on January 1
    1932 Wagner School addition completed
    1940 District 49 (York Center) dissolves and west portion attaches to District 89
    1952 District 39 dissolved and annexed to District 89
    1953 Darrell Holsteen appointed Wagner School principal and District Administrator
    1955 Wagner School second addition completed
    1958 Citizen's Advisory Council formed

    Darrell Holsteen appointed first Superintendent (by public title)

    Arbor View School opened with lower level

    First publicly supported kindergarten classes

    1960 Arbor View Elementary School second level added
    1962 Glen Crest Junior High School opens
    1964 Glen Crest Junior High School first addition completed
    1966 Park View Elementary School opens

    Bonaparte School building sold

    Westfield Elementary School opens

    First team teaching - Arbor View

    Glen Crest Junior High School second addition completed

    Library Media Centers established

    Briar Glen Elementary School opens

    Educational Philosophy adopted

    Land & Cash Policy adopted

    1972 District featured for two weeks on WBBM radio "Education in Action"
    1973 Dual pay scale for tenured and non-tenured teachers

    Outdoor Education Program adopted

    Extended School Year Feasibility Study completed

    1975 Education Association formed

    Open Boundary Policy adopted

    Educational Philosophy revised


    Extended Readiness Program adopted

    Superintendent Darrell Holsteen resigns and is honored for 25 years of administrative service. Under his leadership, the District earned a reputation for excellence, high student achievement, and active citizen involvement.


    Dr. Paul Zaccarine hired as new Superintendent

    Facilities Study completed

    Gifted Program (Challenge) approved
    1980 Educational Philosophy revised; Student Goals added
    1981 Wagner School closed (sold in 1985; demolished in 1988)

    Glen Crest Concert and Marching Band chosen to represent Illinois in 1983 Washington D.C. 4th of July Parade

    Computer Education Program for grades 4-8 adopted

    French-American Student Exchange Program approved

    Fine Arts Education Philosophy adopted

    1983 LMC Handbook honored by Illinois State Board of Education; suggested to be used as a model throughout the state

    Briar Glen honored with "A" Award from Instructor magazine

    Cooperative Association for Special Education (CASE) recognized the Special Education Program as outstanding and recommended as a model for other districts.

    Crest Views, literary magazine, rated best in Illinois by National Council of Teachers of English


    First State School Report Card results favorable

    1987 Westfield Elementary School addition completed
    1990 Arbor View Elementary School addition completed

    Park View Elementary School first addition completed

    Attendance boundaries changed affecting Briar Glen, Park View and Westfield elementary schools
    1992 Vision Statement adopted

    Dr. Paul Zaccarine retires. Under his leadship, the District earned numerous honors and staff experienced professional growth.

    Dr. Lawrence Baskin hired as new Superintendent

    Park View Elementary School second addition completed

    Partnership for Education Progress (PEP) established

    First endowment fund to honor Dr. Zaccarine, the Zaccarine Endowment for Staff Training (ZEST)

    1995 Board approves Technology & Staff Development Plan
    1996 IGAP scores above state average; spending per pupil below state average
    1997 Glen Crest Junior High restructured as middle school, renamed: Glen Crest Middle School

    ISAT (Illinois Standards Achievement Test) replaced IGAP tests in grades 3-8

    Building on northwest corner of Park Boulevard and Butterfield Road purchased for use as CCSD 89 Administration Center

    Industrial Technology Lab built at Glen Crest

    Illinois State Board of Education $135,000 Technology Literacy Grant puts a computer in every classroom


    Dr. John S. Perdue replaces retiring Dr. Lawrence Baskin as Superintendent

    Briar Glen Elementary students fundraise and donate a bus to a hurricane-ravaged school district in Mississippi


    Board of Education approved first Strategic Plan and first District-wide Communication Plan

    First District 89 website created

    District System Assessment Audit conducted by Consortium for Educational Change
    2007 Board of Education approved plans to install an elevator at Glen Crest Middle School

    Voters approved a $24.8 million bond referendum for facility improvements and repairs by a 2:1 margin

    Glen Crest Middle School chosen as one of only two Illinois schools to be a "Smart Showcase School" because of the use of Smartboard Interactive Whiteboards

    Citizens Advisory Committee formed

    July roof fire at Briar Glen caused significant damage

    Enrollment Study Committee created


    Renovations to all school facilities

    Glen Crest Math Teacher Monica Shekar becomes CCSD 89's first National Board Certified Teacher

    David Bruno was hired as principal of Arbor View Elementary School


    Arbor View Elementary School celebrated its 50th Birthday

    New Strategic Plan was approved by the Board of Education

    Glen Crest Middle School was chosen for a "Flip This Classroom" demonstration project


    Mitch Dubinsky was hired as the new principal of Briar Glen Elementary School


    Beth Powers appointed as new school board member

    Barb Peterson was hired as the new principal for Park View Elementary School

    National School Lunch Program added

    Arbor View earns ISBE Academic Excellence Award

    Westfield earns ISBE Academic Improvement Award

    Glen Crest Middle School celebrates 50th birthday


    Park View and Westfield elementary schools conduct Consortium for Educational Change (CEC) Building System Assessment Audit

    A new Strategic Plan was approved by the Board of Education

    Glen Crest Middle School Principal Todd Schrage retired


    Kim Price named principal for Glen Crest Middle School

    Stacey Hewick named principal for Westfield Elementary School

    Arbor View and Briar Glen Elementary Schools conduct Consortium for Educational Change (CEC) Building System Assessment Audit

    Board of Education receives IASB Board Governance Award

    All elementary classroom desk/chairs replaced with 21st Century learning style furniture


    District moves to online registration for 2015-2016 school year

    Board of Education lengthens elementary school day by 30 instructional minutes

    Board approves full-day Kindergarten for 2015-2016 school year

    Glen Crest Middle School conduct Consortium for Educational Change (CEC) Building System Assessment Audit


    Dr. Emily K. Tammaru replaces retiring Dr. John S. Perdue as superintendent

    Park View Elementary School celebrates its 50th birthday