Construction: summer 2023 work

  • Summer 2023 construction

    The graphic below summarizes the 2023 work. (Click on the image to magnify.)

    Construction on schedule



Construction: the big picture

  • In June of 2022, more than 71 percent of the voters supported a school district proposal to complete essential health, safety, and accessibility projects at all five CCSD 89 schools. The bulk of construction will take place in the summer of 2023 and the summer of 2024. 

    All five CCSD 89 schools (four elementary schools and one middle school) are more than 50 years old. Prior to approaching the Board about a referendum, the district’s director of buildings and grounds worked with the district’s architect to identify systems that could potentially need replacement or repair. The projects were presented to an advisory committee made up of residents and staff, then shared with the community via two surveys to identify priorities. 

    The construction work will include the repair or replacement of several large pieces of infrastructure that are past their expected lifespan, including: roofs (Arbor View, Briar Glen, Glen Crest); energy-efficient heating systems (Briar Glen); and parking lots (Arbor View, Briar Glen, partial Glen Crest, Park View, Westfield). The entrances at Arbor View, Briar Glen, and Glen Crest will be redesigned to provide more secure entry to the buildings.

    Infrastructure projects

Latest news

  • Update:

    Arbor View: Summer 2023 work complete

    Briar Glen: Summer 2023 work complete

    Glen Crest: Summer 2023 work complete

    Park View: Summer 2023 work complete

    Westfield: Summer 2023 work complete