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Video: Stories from CCSD 89

  • See all of the district's video stories on our YouTube channel:

    February 2024: Glen Crest students write for the 'short story machine'

    Glen Crest Middle School received a special delivery from the Glen Ellyn Public Library: a short-story machine, a kiosk that dispenses stories. Prior to the machine arriving, the school held a contest to add stories written by Glen Crest students to the machine.

    January 2024: Students improve literacy skills by reading to dogs

    Once a month, volunteers from the PAWSitive Therapy Troupe bring several dogs to Arbor View Elementary. Students have the opportunity to read to the dogs in the Library Media Center. Reading to the animals helps students practice their fluency, comprehension, and expression in a low-pressure environment. 

    December 2023: Genre spinner helps students find great books

    Park View Elementary School LMC Director Megan Mau used an old globe to create the library's "Genre Spinner". When a student says they don't know what kind of book they want to read, they can use the Genre Spinner to make a selection! 

    May 2023: Fifth-grade safety patrol program teaches leadership

    Students who participate in safety patrol welcome classmates to the building at the start of the day, help students at lunch, and assist with an orderly exit at the end of the day. The students learn responsibility and leadership by keeping students safe.

    December 2022: 'Buddy system' helps older students develop mentoring skills

    At the November 2022 Board of Education meeting, Westfield Elementary School highlighted its school-wide "buddy system" that pairs students from different grades for shared learning experiences. Younger and older students work together on lessons that build community, reinforce expectations, and develop mentoring skills. 

    November 2022: Librarian reminds students to 'treat your book like a baby'

    To remind students of how they should treat the school's books, Arbor View Elementary librarian Joy Yerly leads students through a special song before they leave the library!

    October 2022: Community can get, share books at Glen Crest 'Little Library'

    Do you have a book you’d love to share with everyone? Interested in finding a literary surprise? Everyone in the community is invited to stop by the Little Free Library at Glen Crest Middle School, 725 Sheehan Avenue, Glen Ellyn, to share or borrow a book! Read more:

    October 2022: Meet the family-engagement liaisons

    The Community Consolidated School District 89 family engagement liaisons are community members focused on fostering relationships with parents to facilitate family engagement between home and school.

    September 2022: Author shares tips for young writers

    On September 21, 2022, Gina Lehman, the author of "Onions Mean I Love You", shared her book with third-grade classes at Park View Elementary School. "Onions Mean I Love You" is Lehman's first book. In it, she explores how simple acts of service to others - no matter how big or seemingly small - show family, friends, and strangers that we love them. After sharing her book, Lehman asked the students to reflect on people in their life who love them. 

    May 2022: Community-based learning at Glen Crest Middle School

    Students in the Glen Crest Middle School specialized academic classroom have cognitive or intellectual special needs. Once each month, these students take trips into the community, where they can apply their learning in a real-world setting. 

    March 2022: Schoolwide Writing helps build writing skills

    The Schoolwide Writing system helps students develop their writing and research skills. This framework is used through eighth grade, adding depth to each step every year.

    February 2022: Inside Out/Junior Leaders Club

    The Inside Out and Junior Leaders clubs help develop young leaders.

    January 2022: Morning meetings create classroom connections

    Elementary students start their day with a morning meeting that helps them get ready for the day - and does a whole lot more.

    November 2021: GECRC afterschool tutoring program

    Learn more about the volunteer after-school tutoring program at Glen Crest Middle School. 

    October 2021: Helping kids develop literacy skills

    Guided reading is used from kindergarten through fifth grade to help every single CCSD 89 student become an engaged, independent reader.  

    September 2021: Number corner improves math skills at Briar Glen

    Elementary students use number corner in their classrooms to develop their math skills. 

    September 2021: What is social-emotional learning?

    CCSD 89 staff members explain the importance and role of social-emotional learning at a Family University session. 

    February 2020: Glen Crest students get to use the 'short story machine'

    Glen Crest students had the opportunity to print short stories at the push of a button, thanks to the Glen Ellyn Public Library.

    December 2019: U.S. Marine surprises first-grade brothers at Briar Glen

    In December 2019, Private First Class Nikko Bertone returned to his elementary school for a special visit.

    October 2019: Using the sports-ed model to engage all learners in physical education

    Briar Glen teacher Mike Casmer explains how he brings all sorts of skills to PE units. 

    September 2019: Helicopter visits Glen Crest Middle School

    Glen Crest Middle School students had the opportunity to step inside an Illinois Army National Guard helicopter.

    May 2019: Park View fifth graders play "Twelve-bar blues"

    Fifth-grade students from Park View perform "Twelve-bar blues" for younger students.

    May 2019: Chicks hatching in CCSD 89 preschool

    CCSD 89 preschool students learned about the life cycle of a chicken as they watched a chick go from egg to baby chick in 29 days. After the chicks are born, they are returned to a local farm.

    May 2019: Disability Awareness Week in CCSD 89

    From March 18 to 22, 2019, students across CCSD 89 participated in Disability Awareness Week - an event that challenged their thinking about visible and hidden disabilities.

    March 2019: Save a life donate blood at CCSD 89

    CCSD 89 hosts regular blood drives at Glen Crest. Learn more about donating blood:

    March 2019: How Make-A-Wish inspired a CCSD 89 student

    CCSD 89 annually raises funds for Make-A-Wish. Learn more about Jason Cook-Bey and the CCSD 89 annual Make-A-Wish campaign

    October 2018: Good morning, kindergarten! 

    Students in Julie Cufaude's kindergarten class at Arbor View Elementary School begin their day with a handshake, a fist bump, or a hug from the class greeter!

    October 2018: Developing lifelong fitness for young learners in CCSD 89

    In Glen Crest Middle School physical education classes, students are learning more than just rules and sportsmanship. Teachers are using technology to develop fitness habits that will empower kids to build lifelong healthy habits.

    May 2018: The boys who built the bench

    During the 2017-18 school year, seven Glen Crest Middle School students helped build a bench to be used near the front entrance to the school. Most of the boys had never built anything or used power tools before.

    March 2018: Briar Glen wants you to 'Rock the PARCC test!"

    With PARCC testing on the way, the staff at Briar Glen staff, found a fun way to encourage their students to "Rock the PARCC test!"

    September 2017: Whatever it takes for Hazel

    Hazel is a 5-year-old preschool student in the Specialized Academic Classroom at Arbor View Elementary in Community Consolidated School District 89. As an infant, Hazel was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Hazel was later diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome. This video shows the team that has come together to support Hazel's growth and development as a student.

    September 2017: Dedication of the Park Programming Center at Westfield

    On Thursday, August 31, 2017, Westfield Elementary dedicated the new Park Programming Center, a space in the school’s library that will be used to teach students coding and programming skills. The Programming Center is named in honor of Catherine Park, the mother of three CCSD 89 students.

    January 2017: Veterans Day Assembly at Park View

    Park View Elementary School listened to World War II veterans John Ullinsky, 96, and Edward Manthey, 93, talk about their service and their experience on an Honor Flight trip to Washington D.C. At the end of the assembly, Manthey lead the school in an impromptu rendition of “God Bless America.”