Art in CCSD 89

  • Student drawing her face

    Art is available to all students in Community Consolidated School District 89 starting in kindergarten.

    Elementary art
    Elementary school students will develop their artistic skills using a variety of materials and techniques. They will be challenged to use their problem-solving skills, as well as the elements and principles of art to create and explore. Students will also develop their ability to observe art and discuss/write about observations. Students will be evaluated on the basis of three criteria aligned with the standards: use of elements/principles of art; use of processes and tools; and achievement of specific project goals related to communicating ideas.

    Middle school art
    Middle school students will continue to explore the basic art elements and principles of design. This exploratory class will emphasize individual expression, creative-thinking skills, visual experimentation, and technology. There will be a strong emphasis on why and how art is created. Middle school art encourages the invention of original ideas and the ability to effectively communicate those ideas visually.

    In addition, art at the middle school level takes on a STEAM mindset. "STEAM" is an integrated educational approach to learning that not only incorporates science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics, but all disciplines as a platform to promote creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. The ultimate goal is to foster a community of learners who take intellectual risks, persist in problem-solving, think analytically, and engage in the creative process.

Art teachers