CCSD 89 Student Services / Special Education Department

  • The role of the Student Services/Special Education Department is to empower all students to recognize and optimize their true potential. We provide specialized instruction and supports for students to increase their access and success in the CCSD 89 curriculum.

    Entitlement for special education is considered when it is determined that the student’s needs are outside the realm of general education and more specialization is required to bring the student to proficiency. Entitlement for special education requires the evaluation of the effects of current and past interventions in order to determine whether the student's performance is significantly different from their peers or educational expectations. 

    It should be noted that RtI is not a lengthy means-to-an-end procedure to determine special education eligibility. The RtI process provides intervention strategies for the struggling student much earlier than in the traditional system. The special education eligibility process is designed to refine the student’s intervention plan - not wait until the student has a special education label to intervene.


    The Student Services/Special Education Department is led by Gene Olsen.

    Olsen has worked with students with special needs for two decades. His passion for learning and belief that each and every child has a mark to make on the world brought him to the field of education.

    Olsen has a bachelor's degree in special education from Elmhurst College, a master's degree in educational administration, and a Director of Special Education Certification from Northern Illinois University. He is active in many state organizations and enjoys highlighting the successes of CCSD 89 students and staff at regional events.

  • Department contacts

    District Administration Center

    22W600 Butterfield Road

    Glen Ellyn, IL 60137


    Gene Olsen

    Gene Olsen

    Director of Student Services, Homeless Liaison, DCFS Liaison

    (630) 469-8900, Ext. 3515


    Leilani Peterson

    Administrative Assistant

    (630) 469-8900, Ext. 3505