• How can I help my child be a better reader?

    How Many Times Should I Give My Child Prompts 

    How Many Times Should I Give My Child Prompts 

    When We Are Reading Together?


    Reading prompts can help or hurt the confidence and skills of  a young reader. Just remember that prompts should really only be given as a way to help your child to understand what they are reading. If they make an error in pronouncing or reading the word correctly, and it is not critical to the understanding of the story, skip it and return to it later.    I like to use the following clarification prompts when helping kids to read:

    1)    Can you try that one again?


    2)   Does that make any sense?

    3)    Does it look or sound right to you?

    4)    I think we should sound it out together    

    Don't get  hung up in seeking perfection.     Kids learn by making mistakes and as young readers they need to understand words in the context of the story.  If you have given a prompt or two and your child is still not pronouncing it or sounding it out correctly, tell them the words so they do not lose the story line.  Stay patient, reading is tough for some kids and even tougher for others. 


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