• ENVISION MATH INTERVENTION: EnVision MATH Common Core © has been adopted as the curriculum resource for teaching the Common Core Standards for math. Mathematical practices are embedded within the program to promote concept development and student success in mathematical thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and computation. The program includes an intervention kit that interventionists will be using to reteach and extend understanding of topics covered in the classroom core.


    EUREKA MATH: This program uses carefully sequenced mathematical progressions to support grade level standards in math. There is a strong focus on applying mathematical concepts and skills to word problems using multi-step problem-solving strategies.


    TOUCH MATH:  This is a leading multi-sensory program used to teach and learn math. Children use all their senses to see, say, hear, and touch TouchPoints on numerals. Learners make connections between the numeral and the quantity it represents in order to successfully add and subtract.


    SRA CONNECTING MATH:  This highly successful program teaches students to become capable problem solvers, able to think and communicate mathematically. Students learn in less time, remember more, and develop a depth of understanding needed for advanced mathematics.