Free and reduced lunch / fee waivers

  • The application and guidelines at the bottom of this page may be used to determine if your family qualifies for free or reduced lunch prices and fee waivers. The forms can be filled out and submitted to your child's school office or directly to the district office, attention Lauren Parker. A printed application can be supplied by your school secretary or at the district office, 22W600 Butterfield Road, Glen Ellyn, during regular business hours.
    Community Consolidated School District 89 follows national guidelines to determine eligibility for free or reduced lunches. Please be aware that the district uses a second and completely separate process to determine eligibility for waiver of school fees. The district's fee waiver application is available on the district's website under the Board of Education tab, Board Policies, Policy 4:140-E1 Application for Fee Waiver. This application can be sent directly to the district office, attention Lauren Parker. 
    If you have more than one child in the district, you may submit one application for free/reduced lunch and another application for waiver of fees. Both applications can be submitted at the same time with the necessary documentation to avoid any delay in processing.
    If you have any questions in regards to the National School Lunch Program application or fee waiver application, please feel free to contact Lauren Parker at (630) 469-8900 ext. 3507.

Free and reduced lunch / fee waiver documents