CCSD 89 equity audit

  • In September of 2019, Community Consolidated School District 89 began a partnership with the DuPage County Regional Office of Education to conduct the first full equity audit of the district. 

    This process was similar to other curriculum and financial audits the district conducts with outside organizations. These audits provide an outside perspective to ensure the district is using best practices. 

    The need for an equity audit became apparent when a deeper look at the district's data showed that, while overall averages remained high, specific groups of students were not growing or achieving at the same levels. These learning gaps are not unique to CCSD 89, but they urgently need to be addressed. Every child deserves the best chance to learn, no matter their disability or their background. 


    An equity audit involves reflection and introspection across all CCSD 89 communities. It is a proactive opportunity for districts to critically examine the ways equity has been advanced in the district while identifying areas in need of improvement. 

    The process involved speaking with staff, families, and students about how the district can better serve learners of all backgrounds. These conversations were followed by a complete evaluation of data, policies, and practices. The process examined every aspect of the district that might affect students’ ability to access the best educational opportunities.


    The district used the results of this audit in much the same manner as other audits: the recommendations that aligned the district's strategic plan were adopted. Not all of the recommendations from the equity audit were implemented. The work also informed the district's strategic plan.

    Although an equity audit can provide a comprehensive view, it cannot fully capture all the efforts to advance equity. There are educator practices occurring daily throughout any district to ensure students are getting what they need to be successful and to address inclusion and inequities ingrained in the system and structures. 

    The 2020 completed equity audit can be reviewed below. 

  • Please note, copyrighted information, as well as individual comments from students, staff, and families (as they are preliminary drafts, notes, recommendations, memoranda, and other records in which opinions are expressed), have been redacted, in accordance with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. Other than these exceptions, no other areas of the report were redacted or changed.