Library acceptable use policy

  • Our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) includes the rules and regulations that our students and staff must follow in order to use the district’s technology tools and online resources. The official AUP is posted on the district website. Here are the expectations.

    I will:

    • Follow the rules and directions of the adult in charge.
    • Be respectful to people and of equipment.
    • Use proper network etiquette including: being polite, using appropriate language, etc.
    • Keep my personal information private.
    • Follow the rules of copyright that I have been taught, including putting research into my own words and citing sources for a Works Cited, etc.
    • Only print, download or install with my teacher’s permission.
    • Use storage space responsibly and only for school work.
    • Tell my teacher immediately if I see inappropriate material.
    • Understand that email is not private and my school work is the property of the district.
    • Use the Internet/equipment only for school work and only with my teacher’s approval.
    • Communicate with persons outside my school only with my teacher’s permission.


    I will not:

    • Threaten, intimidate or bully others.
    • Share the private information of my school or passwords of any school member.
    • Use social media (Instagram, Twitter, messaging, etc.) without permission of my teacher.
    • Disrupt others while working or interfere with equipment or the network.
    • Use other people’s work and turn it in as my own or cheat by doing their work for them.
    • Access inappropriate pictures, videos, or other content.
    • Send chain letters or spam.
    • Pretend to be another person online or post anonymous messages.
    • Gamble or try to get money while on our network.
    • Hack the school network.
    • Access other students’ or adults’ personal information.
    • Use another person’s account.
    • Spread a computer virus or damage files or equipment.
    • Encode messages or files.


    I am aware that users of school technology resources accept responsibility for his/her actions and conduct in using these resources. The use of electronic devices and networks is a privilege, not a right.

    I understand that breaking these rules may result in a disciplinary penalty and that appropriate persons and/or authorities will be notified.