Kindergarten readiness for 4 and 5 year olds

  • Students working on preschool project Kindergarten readiness is about more than reading and writing. There are milestones and guidelines for physical well-being, motor development as well as social and emotional development. You can refer to the following tasks to help measure your child's development.


    Physical well-being and motor development

    • Holds and uses a pencil, crayons, scissors

    • Uses alternate feet walking downstairs

    • Throws a ball

    • Pastes a picture on paper

    • Claps hands

    • Buttons and zips clothing

    • Colors and draws beyond a simple scribble

    • Completes a simple puzzle


    Social-emotional development

    • Gets along with others (children and adults), works cooperatively and shares

    • Respects other’s rights and property

    • Follows rules and is willing to take turns

    • Listens and is able to remember and complete two or three directions

    • Sits and listens for about 15 minutes

    • Completes a task he/she starts


    Milestones for development


    Parent reading resource

    The Reading Rockets website includes one-page general reading tips and printable sheets in 11 different languages. The site also includes reading tip sheets specific to student disabilities from birth to school age.

    Although the tips are sorted by age, many of them can be used with children at various ages and stages. Parents are encouraged to choose the ones that work best for their child.