• Reading Interventions

    Our literacy intervention program at Arbor View is named Reading Club.  This program is designed to promote growth in reading and writing.   Our goal is to build on your child’s literacy strengths while helping his/her to clear up confusions and difficulties.  Instruction is centered upon the Common Core Standards and focuses on the needs of the children in the group. Students are closely monitored to ensure progress and assessment data is shared with both students and parents. We consistently meet with classroom teachers to ensure that children’s learning in Reading Club is transferring into the classroom.  



    Kindergarten Intervention - Literacy Wings - Instructional Focus

    • Book Handling Concepts (1-1 matching, left to right text directionality)
    • Recognize and locate a small core of high frequency words quickly in text
    • Use pictures to predict what would make sense
    • Use the language pattern to anticipate reading
    • Locate and use initial letter while thinking what would make sense
    • Solve some unknown words by using initial letter and/or pictures
    • Read fluently on familiar books
    • Begin to use known words in writing
    • Slowly articulate unknown words as a strategy to use when writing


    1st Grade Intervention - Literacy Wings - Instructional Focus

    • Book Handling Concepts (track print with eyes, using finger only at points of difficulty)
    • Use meaning, structure and visual information to problem solve on new words
    • Use known words to problem solve new words
    • Predict what will happen next and read to confirm
    • Read with increasing fluency and speed while monitoring for punctuation
    • Retell the story using key events and characters
    • Discuss ideas from the story, sharing thoughts and connections to show understanding
    • Write 2-4 sentences with ease, using known words and slow articulation


    2nd Grade Intervention - My Sidewalks - Instructional Focus

    • Phonemic Awareness (blending and segmenting words)
    • Letter names, letter sounds, vowel patterns
    • High Frequency Words
    • Oral vocabulary and concept development
    • Building fluency
    • Comprehension (retelling, compare/contrast, main idea, sequencing


    In 3rd, 4th and 5th grades the interventions focus on the skills and strategies below with increasing rigor and text complexity.  


    3rd-5th Grade Intervention Focus

    • Blending words and fluent word reading
    • Decoding multisyllabic words
    • Phonics: vowels and vowel patterns
    • Concept vocabulary
    • Building fluency
    • Comprehension (main idea, summarizing, drawing conclusions, compare/contrast, sequencing)



    Other Reading Interventions:

    • Fluency Intervention (grades 2-5)
    • Comprehension Plus (grades 2-5)
    • REWARDS (grades 4-5)
    • SRA (grades k-5)
    • SOAR to Success (grades 3-5)
    • Lexia (grades k-5)