Roadrunner responsibilities

  • Show respect for adults, children and yourself in words and action 

    • Be considerate and tolerant of differences among others
    • Positively follow directions the first time they are given
    • Walk quietly in the hallways
    • Use appropriate language both written and verbal
    • Wear appropriate clothing
    • The following behaviors are inappropriate:
      • teasing
      • bullying
      • put downs
      • threatening language
      • disruptive classroom behavior


    Show respect for the privacy, space and belongings of others

    • Keep our school neat
    • Use appropriate washroom behaviors
    • The following behaviors are inappropriate:
      • destruction of property*
      • stealing*


    Maintain a safe environment

    • Use appropriate lunchroom behavior
    • Play in a safe non aggressive manner
    • Use appropriate bus behavior
    • The following behaviors are inappropriate:
      • throwing sticks, stones, snowballs, etc.
      • bringing skateboards, scooters or roller blades to school
      • pushing and shoving
      • fighting*
      • leaving the building without permission*
      • possession or use of weapons, as per district policy*
      • possession or use of drugs (alcohol, tobacco, drugs), as per district policy*


    *These behaviors with an asterisk are ones that are immediately referred to the principal.


    Possible consequences

    Discipline is necessary in any school to maintain a pleasant and stable learning environment. The rules and regulations for the school are designed to maintain order, a safe environment for students and adults and to set expectations for student behavior.

    The principal may be brought into the process at any time. The following is a list of possible consequences that may be used.

    • The teacher talks to the student regarding the behavior
    • The teacher contacts the parent via a note or phone call
    • The teacher establishes a communication system with the parent
    • The teacher requests a parent-student conference
    • The teacher refers the student to the principal
    • The teacher and student may establish a classroom plan

     When a student is referred to the principal the following is a list of possible consequences.

    • The principal talks to the student regarding the behavior
    • The parent or guardian is contacted
    • Conference including the parent, teacher and principal
    • Internal suspension from class
    • External suspension from school for a predetermined length of time
    • After school detention