Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Nicole Buettner

I have been teaching art in District 89 since 2015. Education and art have always been aspects of life that excite me. I view both as ways to better oneself by gaining new skills and information, to think more abstractly, and to expand what we know about the world.

I believe that being involved with art creates a unique power that allows people to spend time reflecting on the world around them. Art is a reflective learning process in many ways and I want to facilitate this learning process with my future students.

I want to show my students the amazing things they can discover about the world through art education and I hope that my students will be excited with new ways of thinking. I believe that art education is an outlet that challenges students to think more abstractly and allows them to explore the depths of possibility.

Innovation and creativity in the hands of youth is a fascinating and exciting experience that I love being a part of. I am constantly striving for new, interesting ways to inspire youth through the visual experiences of art education.