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Construction will limit access to some buildings over summer

Summer construction projects at Community Consolidated School District 89 buildings began on Friday, May 31. Access to some buildings will be limited throughout the summer.

Briar Glen will be closed throughout the summer as crews complete major work on heating, air conditioning, lighting, windows, doors, and ceilings throughout the school. The parking lots at Arbor View and Glen Crest will be replaced; the parking lots at Park View and Westfield will be resealed. You can see a list of scheduled and completed construction here:

Please note that the Arbor View playground will be closed throughout the summer due to extensive trenching work on the grounds. No students, even under supervision, will be allowed to use the playground.

Families are encouraged to avoid using the other schools' playground equipment when construction crews are actively working at the school. (At the end of the summer, crews may also be at the buildings on weekends.) 

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Posted: June 3, 2024