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Board approves contracts for summer 2024 construction 

The CCSD 89 Board of Education recently approved contracts that will define the next steps in the district’s construction work. 

On Monday, December 11, the board approved multiple construction contracts, including heating/air conditioning, paving, concrete, plumbing, electrical, windows, doors, lighting, and ceilings. You can see more information about the contracts on the December 11 Board agenda:

These contracts represent the next steps in construction projects that were approved when more than 71 percent of residents supported a bond referendum in June 2022. During the summer of 2023, the district completed major work at all five schools, including new entrances at Arbor View, Briar Glen, and Glen Crest; new roofs at Arbor View, Glen Crest, and Westfield; new HVAC units at Arbor View, Glen Crest, Park View, and Westfield; new boilers at Arbor View and Glen Crest; a new wheelchair lift at Glen Crest and Arbor View; and more. (See a video summary of the 2023 summer work)

The approval of these contracts will allow the district to begin summer 2024 construction work the day after the 2023-24 school year ends. If no emergency days are used, the last day of the school year will be Wednesday, May 29. (The Board may approve a 2024-25 school year calendar at the meeting on January 22.)

Construction work for the summer of 2024 will include:

  • Replacement of the heating and air conditioning system at Briar Glen
  • Replacement of the Briar Glen ceilings, lighting, windows and doors
  • Replacement of the parking lots at Arbor View and Glen Crest
  • Seal coating of the parking lots at Park View and Westfield
  • Renovation of the kitchen at Glen Crest

The district had originally planned to replace the parking lots at Park View and Westfield during the summer of 2024. Due to higher-than-expected bids on the heating and air-conditioning work at Briar Glen, the Park View, and Westfield parking lots will be sealcoated but not replaced at this time. The district will look to replace those parking lots at a later date. The Briar Glen parking lot is scheduled to be replaced in the summer of 2025.

Summer school will be held at Park View this summer. The parking lots at Arbor View and Glen Crest will be inaccessible for significant time this summer. The Briar Glen parking lot will also be inaccessible throughout the summer as construction crews will be using the parking lots to transport materials.  

Families are encouraged to stay off of the school’s playground equipment when construction crews are actively working at the school. (Crews may also be at the buildings on weekends.)

The June 2022 bonds ensure that students can continue to go to school in a safe, accessible, temperature-controlled environment that allows them to focus on their learning. Many of the systems that are being replaced have been coaxed beyond their expected lifespan, thanks to the work of the CCSD 89 buildings and grounds team. The district will maintain this high level of attention to detail with the new systems so they also last as long as possible.

The district will continue to update the community on the progress of these projects.

Posted: December 15, 2023