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Support student musicians by being a part of Music Boosters 

Anyone who enjoys music in Community Consolidated School District 89 is encouraged to support the CCSD 89 Music Boosters Association by donating or volunteering. 

Music Boosters is a volunteer organization of parents and teachers who support music classes and programs in all CCSD 89 schools. The Boosters assist at music events; fundraise for new instruments and supplemental music materials; and provide scholarships for instrument rental, accompanists, transportation, special events, and instrument repairs.

To volunteer: Email There are small and large volunteer opportunities as the Boosters prepare for the annual Music Cafe on April 20.

To donate: Donations accepted via Zelle at or check made out to “CCSD89 Music Boosters Assoc.” Donors can have their name listed in music programs throughout the school year. Suggested donation levels: Family/individual ($20+); Noteworthy Donor ($50+); Section Leader ($75+); Patrol ($100+); or Director ($150). 

The Music Boosters recently supported bus transportation to Six Flags for band, choir, and orchestra students; the purchase of a xylophone at Park View Elementary; the purchase of mini-keyboards for use with a new curriculum at Glen Crest Middle School; guest musicians to demonstrate orchestral instruments to elementary students; a pizza party for the pep band; lunch for orchestra students attending the IL ASTA Orchestra Festival field trip; and more.

Posted: January 3, 3024