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School community can make confidential reports of crises, threats, and bullying through Safe2Help

Community Consolidated School District 89 students now have an additional tool for reporting bullying, threats, or classmates in crisis. Students and families can confidentially call, email, or text the Safe2Help tip line whenever they have information the school needs to know.

Students or families can:

  • Call Safe2Help at (844) 4-SAFE-IL, which is (844) 472-3345.
  • Send a text to SAFE2, which is 72332.
  • Email to
  • Submit tips through the online form at .
  • Download the free “Safe2Help” app.

Safe2Help submissions are monitored every hour of every day by Safe2Help staff. Safe2Help will contact school district staff immediately about any life-threatening situations. If school staff cannot be reached and there is imminent danger, Safe2Help could contact local law enforcement.

The Safe2Help program is not intended to punish students. The goal is to intervene and help students before they harm themselves or others.

The Safe2Help website also offers resources to help your child deal with bullying, abuse, suicide, or supporting a friend facing those issues.

Safe2Help is a free service created by the state of Illinois. In CCSD 89, it will replace the “SpeakUp for Safety” program the district had been using. The district will not disable SpeakUp phone number and email addresses until the end of the school year, in case other tips come in before July.

Safe2Help offers the follow tips for preventing dangerous events:

  • Be aware. Listen, look, pay attention to the people and places around you.
  • Go with your gut. If you feel uncomfortable about something you have seen or heard, talk to an adult.
  • Report it. There is a difference between reporting and tattling or gossiping. By providing information either directly or confidentially, you may be able to prevent harm to others.
  • Know what to report.
    • who or what you saw
    • when you saw it
    • where it occurred
    • why it's suspicious
  • Keep reaching out. If the person you speak with doesn't take it seriously or isn't sure what to do, involve someone else with greater authority.

Posted: December 20, 2022