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District monitoring severe weather expected to arrive Monday evening

Community Consolidated School District 89 is monitoring the reports for severe weather that is forecast for Monday night into Tuesday morning. If school buildings would need to be closed for a “snow day”, all students would participate in remote learning on Tuesday.

In the event of an all-remote day, Tuesday would follow the student’s typical hybrid Tuesday schedule and count as a school attendance day. Students would log in at hybrid start times and participate in their hybrid Tuesday schedule. 

If the district needs to change to temporary all-remote learning due to weather conditions, a message would be shared via:

The district makes every effort to communicate a decision on closing schools by 5:30 a.m., if not earlier.

The superintendent makes the final decision about whether to close school buildings after consulting with district administrators and other local officials. The decision is based on the ability for students to make it to and from school safely. Snowfall, temperature, wind chill, road conditions, and bus safety are all considered when making a decision to close school buildings.

If no message is sent or posted, then school will have in-person learning on a hybrid schedule.

If schools are open, it is the responsibility of guardians to determine if conditions allow for their children to attend school. 

Posted: January 25, 2021