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Pre-registration for 2021-22 kindergartners and new students is now open

Families with students who will be starting kindergarten or new to Community Consolidated School District 89 in the 2021-22 school year can begin the pre-registration process on Wednesday, February 10. Registration for returning students will open April 7.

How to pre-register:

  1. Visit Use the light red button for “2021-22 new student registration”. 
  2. Create an account by choosing a username and password through Powerschool Enrollment.
  3. Complete the form and hit “submit”.
  4. Once forms are submitted, families will need to prove residency. A link will be provided, which can be used to submit residency verification forms.


Residency verification for kindergarten and new students

Once you have completed the pre-registration through Powerschool Enrollment, you must next verify that you live within the district’s boundaries.

Update: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the district will not be holding residency-verification events this year. Families will be able to submit residency-verification documents online or bring them to the school.

In order to complete pre-registration in CCSD 89, families need to show their child’s birth certificate as well as proof of residency documents. 

Proof of residency must include at least ONE of the following documents:

Mortgage papers, a signed lease, or a real-estate tax bill.

(If the family is submitting an affidavit from a local resident who attests to the registrant living with them at no cost, the homeowner is still required to provide mortgage papers, a signed lease, or a real-estate bill.)

Proof of residency must include at least TWO of the following documents:

Gas, electric, or water bill; driver’s license; home/apartment rental insurance papers; auto registration; or voter registration.


The proof of residency documents can be submitted online through a link that will be shared once pre-registration is complete. An original birth certificate will need to be brought to the school in person.

If you are unable to submit the proof-of-residency documents electronically, you can submit those at the same time you bring your birth certificate to the school.

Families should bring original documents; CCSD 89 staff will make copies. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, families should call the school to arrange a time to submit documents on or before Friday, February 26.

Once all residency documents are received, families will be mailed a “SnapCode” to complete registration on April 7.


Preschool pre-registration is now closed

Preschool pre-registration closed on February 1. 


Returning students

In March, the family of returning students will receive the SnapCode they need to register via U.S. mail. The SnapCode will be used when registration opens to all students on April 7. If the SnapCode is lost or misplaced, families will need to prove residency.

Posted: January 20, 2021 // Updated: February 3, 2021