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Suggestion boxes gives students more opportunities for input

CCSD 89 continues to empower students by giving them a voice in their education.

Student Suggestion Box Glen Crest eighth-grade students Ashley Krebs and Emily Puchalski are serving as the district’s first-ever Student Board Members. Krebs and Puchalski attend Board meetings and provide a student perspective. Although they are non-voting members of the Board, they make a presentation at each meeting.

At the start of the school year, Krebs and Puchalski proposed giving students more opportunities to provide feedback to the school through student suggestion boxes.

The suggestion boxes are now available at all five CCSD 89 schools. Students can share their ideas for how they would make their school better by dropping a card into the box in the main office.

The student board members are also working to bring a Diversity of Voices Club to all CCSD 89 schools, which would connect students from all over the world to share their experiences.

Additionally, the district has added Principal Advisory Committees at all five schools. Students on these committees give principals feedback on school initiatives and help them keep all school projects student-centered.

Posted: December 8, 2019