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Board to hear about boundary proposal, including phase-in option, at October 16 meeting

On Monday, October 16, the Community Consolidated School District 89 Board of Education will hear a presentation on potential changes to the 2018-19 elementary school boundaries. At the meeting, Board members will also hear about a phased-in approach to boundary changes, which would allow currently enrolled CCSD 89 students to finish elementary school at the building they now attend.

The Board is scheduled to hear more about potential boundary changes in November and take action in December. The October, November, and December Board meetings will all be held at 7 p.m. in Spartan Hall (the cafeteria) at Glen Crest Middle School.

There will also be a community question-and-answer session at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, October 25, at Glen Crest.

Board will hear about phased-in approach

On Monday, Board members will be presented with a proposal that was the unanimous recommendation of the Superintendent’s Boundary Committee. This recommendation moves four neighborhoods, as well as the district’s preschool. A map and more information about the potential boundary-change proposal can be found at This proposal includes an option for current fourth-grade students to be grandfathered in for their final year of elementary school.

After hearing feedback at PTC and community meetings, the Board will also learn about an option that proposes the same changes to boundaries, but would allow current kindergarten-through-fourth-grade students to stay at the school they currently attend for the rest of their elementary school career. These phased-in boundaries would only apply to students currently enrolled in kindergarten through fourth grade, and not any younger siblings or other students that have not have not yet started school.

More information

The agendas, minutes, presentations, and documents from all the Enrollment and Boundary committee meetings can be found at

A document with frequently asked questions can be found at

The boundary change is being considered due to recent and future significant increases in the District’s enrollment. Demographers predict the population will continue to grow. The demographer’s report can be viewed at: