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Free app will help families track student’s bus rides

Many CCSD 89 families will be able to track their student’s trips to and from school through the free FirstView busing app.
The FirstView app will give families real-time information about their student’s bus travel. The app can show an estimated number of minutes until the bus will arrive at your child’s bus stop, and show when buses arrive at school. Families can also set the app to send out customized alerts when the bus is a certain distance or number of minutes away from their child’s bus stop.
The app only works for students riding First Student buses. It is not available for special education (Hopewell) transportation, early or late buses, or student field trips.

Families that previously used FirstView app

All previous data in the app will reset after school on Friday, October 21. Any CCSD 89 parents who have previously used the FirstView app will need to re-enter their student’s school district (“CCSD89”), state, and ID number to view their child’s bus routes.

Downloading the FirstView app

Families can download the FirstView app from the App Store or Google Play. There is no cost.
After downloading the FirstView app, families will need to create an account and log in. Families should select “Illinois”, then “CCSD89”. Finally, add your student’s ID number to link the app to your child’s bus stop and route. Families can then set reminder notifications.
Because the app only allows families to see busing information for their student(s), families will use the student’s ID number to link to their student. Families can find their student’s ID number by logging in to PowerSchool. The eight-digit ID number is listed directly below the student’s name. (The ID number is the same as the eight digits that are the start of your student’s CCSD 89 email address.)
Middle school students can also get their student ID number from their ID card.
Families are still encouraged to arrive at the stop at least 10 minutes before scheduled arrival.

More information

A PDF showing the steps for linking your student’s account can be found here: Registering with student ID
You can learn about the features of the app here: FirstView app features
There is more information about the FirstView app at
If you need technical support on the app, please contact FirstView at (888) 889-8920 or