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Update: Reduced quarantine, isolation times will not apply to schools

On Thursday morning, Community Consolidated School District 89 shared an update that both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the DuPage County Health Department had recommended reducing the number of days a person must be isolated or quarantined when they are positive for COVID-19 or a close contact of someone who is positive for COVID-19. Since that time, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) issued guidance that the reduced quarantine/isolation times do not apply to students or school staff. 

When students return, schools will continue to use the guidelines that were in place prior to winter break for isolation (students who have tested positive) and quarantine (close contacts and those experiencing symptoms). This means that students or staff members who are positive for COVID-19 must remain out of school for a minimum of 10 days. (The day of symptom onset is “day zero”.) 

Families can use this updated chart (revised January 2022) as a starting point when determining whether your student needs to be quarantined or isolated. 

Over the past few days, the CCSD 89 administration worked with the district’s attorneys and has confirmed that the IDPH guidance is mandatory for CCSD 89 students and staff. Illinois State Superintendent of Education Dr. Carmen I. Ayala said that the CDC is expected to issue updated guidance for schools “shortly”. If the Illinois Department of Public Health issues revised guidance for schools, CCSD 89 will contact families with new information as soon as possible. 

We apologize for the confusion these two updates may have caused. We will continue to provide updates to families as new information is shared with the district. With high COVID-19 transmission in DuPage County, it is not yet known how these isolation/quarantine guidelines will affect staffing in the district. 

Families are encouraged to have their students tested for COVID-19 before returning from winter break, especially if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. Due to the availability of COVID-19 tests, the district will not be providing COVID-19 testing for students unless symptoms arise during the school day. Students who are experiencing symptoms should stay home and be tested at a COVID-19 clinic or doctor’s office. 

Tests are available at multiple locations in DuPage County: Rapid-antigen tests are acceptable, but home tests are not accepted for return to school.

Staff returns to school Monday, January 3

Community Consolidated School District 89 staff will return from winter break on Monday, January 3 – one day before students return with full in-person learning at all five schools. 

School nurses will also return to the buildings on Monday, January 3, and will be able to answer questions. We ask that families be patient when contacting school nurses on Monday and Tuesday, as there may be many families calling at the same time. 

Families can submit vaccination records

If your child has completed their COVID-19 vaccination, families are encouraged to submit a copy of the student’s vaccination card to the school. The COVID-19 vaccine is not required. Providing your student's vaccination record will help the nurse determine the next steps when your student has symptoms or has been a close contact.

Students who do not show proof of vaccination will follow the isolation and quarantine rules for unvaccinated students. You can drop off or email a copy of the front and back of the card to the nurse at your student's school, or you can submit their record here:

Cleaning and mitigation practices remain in place

When students return, masks will continue to be required in all CCSD 89 buildings at all times. The district will continue to follow all social distancing, mitigation, and cleaning protocols. 

The district’s latest COVID-19 information is posted at

Posted: January 2, 2022