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All CCSD 89 students will learn remotely through winter break

The Community Consolidated School District 89 Board of Education agreed to extend the district’s adaptive pause through winter break. All students will continue learning remotely until at least January 5. Board members agreed to extend remote learning during a regular meeting held Monday, November 16. 

The Board of Education is scheduled to meet again on Monday, December 14. At that meeting, the Board is expected to review the latest health data and determine whether students can return on Tuesday, January 5, or whether the adaptive pause should be extended.

At Monday’s meeting, the Board also approved January 4 as one of the five remote planning days issued by the State of Illinois. There will no remote learning that day, and students will still have the scheduled breaks for Thanksgiving (November 25-27) and winter break (December 21-January 1).

CCSD 89 began an ‘adaptive pause’ on Monday, November 16, at all grade levels due to high absence rates, increasing cases in the local zip codes, and countywide spread.

At this time, students will continue to learn remotely on the same class schedule they are currently using. CCSD 89 created schedules and implemented learning systems that will allow learning to move between remote and in-person, so the district can respond to changing community circumstances.

The decision to move to entirely remote learning comes after continuous, significant increases in youth cases, positivity rates, and new cases per 100,000 in both DuPage County and the CCSD 89 community.

On October 1, the positivity rate in the CCSD 89 zip codes was 2.9 percent. As of Sunday, it was 12.63 percent. On October 1, the seven-day average for the number of new cases in the CCSD 89 zip codes was 68 per 100,000. As of Sunday, the seven-day average for the number of new cases was 465 per 100,000. 

On October 2, there were two CCSD 89 staff members who were COVID-19 positive, had COVID-19 symptoms, or were in quarantine because they were a close contact. By November 9, that number had risen to 26 staff members. This creates potential health issues within the community and impacts the schools’ ability to deliver a consistent learning environment for both in-person and remote learners.

The number of new DuPage County cases per 100,000 is four times as high as early September; the positivity rates are more than twice as high. The youth cases, which initially fluctuated during September, have increased significantly for four consecutive weeks. The numbers are well above the levels that indicate ‘substantial’ community spread, according to the DuPage County Health Department. 

At this time, the most important things you can do are:

  • Continue to contact the district when your student has symptoms or is COVID-19 positive. This data will help monitor local conditions.
  • Help your child prepare for transitions in learning modes. Monitor for any concerns that a staff member should know about.
  • Reduce your exposure and risk outside of school by wearing a mask, washing hands regularly, and maintaining social distance.

The latest information about COVID-19 in CCSD 89 is available at

Posted: November 17, 2020