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All CCSD 89 students will learn remotely starting November 16

All Community Consolidated School District 89 students will be learning remotely starting Monday, November 16. Elementary students have the option of learning in-person through Friday, November 13. Starting Monday, November 16, all students will resume learning remotely on the same schedule they are currently using.
The district’s adaptive pause will keep students learning remotely through at least Thanksgiving. The district will notify families of a return date.
While schools have put mitigation strategies in place that were not available in March, the decision to move to entirely remote learning comes after continuous, significant increases in youth cases, positivity rates, and new cases per 100,000 in both DuPage County and the CCSD 89 community. The number of new DuPage County cases per 100,000 is four times as high as early September; the positivity rates are more than twice as high. The youth cases, which initially fluctuated during September, have increased significantly for four consecutive weeks.
On October 1, the positivity rate in the CCSD 89 zip codes was 2.9 percent. As of Wednesday, it was 13.87 percent. On October 1, the seven-day average for the number of new cases in the CCSD 89 zip codes was 68 per 100,000. As of Wednesday, the seven-day average for the number of new cases was 489 per 100,000.
The number of CCSD 89 students and staff members required to quarantine, be excluded for symptoms, or isolate has also been increasing. The rising number of cases create potential health issues within schools and the community. It also impacts the schools' ability to deliver a consistent learning environment for both in-person and remote learners.
Since August, the district has indicated that the ability to offer in-person learning is dependent on community and school health. Moving to full remote learning is a disappointing development but a necessary one to keep the CCSD 89 students, staff, and community healthy. The district’s goal is re-open for in-person learning when it is safe to do so. The district will continue to update families on any changes as soon as possible.
CCSD 89 created schedules and implemented learning systems that will allow learning to move between remote and in-person, so that the district could respond to changing community circumstances.
This is an unprecedented situation and we know that unexpected complications will continue to arise. Staff will be available to help families navigate these learning situations. The district will continue to make every effort to help students grow academically and deal with the emotions they are feeling. If your student is feeling overwhelmed, please reach out to our staff for assistance.
At this time, the most important things you can do are:
  • Help your child prepare for this transition. Monitor for any concerns that a staff member should know about.
  • Reduce your exposure and risk outside of school by wearing a mask, washing hands regularly, and maintaining social distance.
Detailed information about COVID-19 symptoms can be found at the Illinois Department of Public Health’s website:
The latest information about COVID-19 in CCSD 89 is available at