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Tech support is available during remote learning

If your student or your family needs technology support during remote learning, please reach out to the district technology team.

The CCSD 89 librarians have put together some helpful guides to common technology issues (including Seesaw and Google Classroom). You can view the videos here:

You can also reach the district's technology support at or (630) 545-3594


Please note: the CCSD 89 technology team cannot provide technical support for personal devices. Whether your student has an iPad or Chromebook, it will be loaded with all of the apps they will need for class.

Guidelines for using devices at home

Along with the device, the district will issue a power supply and cord. Please use the following guidelines, which parallel in-school guidelines:
  • Use caution when carrying the device.
  • Store the device with the lid closed and nothing on top when not being used.
  • Use the device only for school-related work.
  • Keep the device plugged in when not using it.
  • Keep food and drinks away from the device.
The Chromebooks and iPads are all filtered through an online application called Smoothwall. This filtering solution should block inappropriate content both at home and school.
The district's Acceptable Use Policy applies to the use of this device and can be found at
Posted: August 21, 2020