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How to check for CCSD 89 winter weather closings

Winter weather has arrived and families in Community Consolidated School District 89 are reminded that there are multiple places to check for information about weather-related school closings.

Information about closings will be released through:

The district will send out a notice only if the schools are closed. If there is no notice posted, then schools are open on a regular schedule.

The district’s phone message system uses phone numbers supplied by guardians during registration. If your phone number changes, it is important you contact your school secretary to update your records.

Even when school is open, students should dress for winter conditions. Students will continue to go outside for recess as long as the weather remains above 10 degrees (as measured by An emergency could cause students to stand outside for an extended time.

Deciding to close school

If schools are open, it is the responsibility of guardians to determine if conditions allow for their children to attend school.

The superintendent makes the final decision about whether to close schools, after consulting with district administrators and other local officials. The decision is based on the ability for students to make it to and from school safely. Snowfall, temperature, wind chill, road conditions, and bus safety are all considered when making a decision to close.

The district begins monitoring reports the day before severe weather is expected. Early in the morning, the superintendent participates in a conference call with other nearby school districts to gauge local weather and transportation conditions. Each district then makes its own decision on whether to close, based on circumstances in their area.

The district makes every effort to communicate a decision on closing schools by 5:30 a.m.

If the school is closed, the day will be added to the end of the school year. The District builds five emergency days into the school calendar. No emergency days have been used so far in the 2019-20 school year and the last day of the year is scheduled to be May 20. If all five emergency days were used, the last day of school would be May 28.