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Students will be allowed to safely view eclipse on April 8

On Monday, April 8, there will be a total eclipse visible in the United States. An eclipse occurs when the moon is aligned between the sun and the earth, and the moon temporarily blocks the rays of the sun.

At about 2 p.m. in DuPage County, the moon will block out approximately 90 percent of the sun’s rays, creating a twilight effect at the height of the eclipse.

Students in all CCSD 89 schools will have an opportunity to view this extremely rare event. Elementary students will have to fill out a permission slip. Families of middle school students should contact the school if they do not want their student to participate. 

All CCSD 89 schools will provide students with certified eyewear to safely view the eclipse. The school has purchased solar eclipse glasses that have been recommended by the American Astronomical Society. 

(Lost your permission slip? Download one here: )

Elementary students who would like to view the eclipse must fill out and return a signed permission slip by Thursday, April 4. The signed permission slip confirms that parents agree to allow their elementary child to participate in the viewing activities under the guidance of a teacher. No elementary student will be allowed to view the eclipse without a signed permission slip

Students who do not turn in a permission slip will participate in an alternative activity inside.

April 8 will be treated as a “rain day”, with all students kept inside for recess and physical education classes.

Teachers will be using the eclipse as a learning experience. Students will be taught more about how and why an eclipse occurs, and there will be various educational lessons tied to the event.

If you’d like to learn more about the eclipse, check out some of the links below:

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To see a simulation of how much of the sun will be covered by the moon on April 8, go to this website and put in your location: 

Posted: April 8, 2023