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Glen Crest musicians earn first-place honors at state competition

More than 30 Glen Crest band and orchestra students earned first-place honors at the recent Illinois Grade School Music Association (IGSMA) solo and ensemble contest. The context was held Saturday, February 26, at Indian Trail Junior High School in Addison.

The following students earned first-place recognition: 


IGSMA musicians

First-place solos: Division I rating - perfect score

Emma Briggs - trumpet (eighth grade)

Jude Covert - string bass (seventh grade)

Dea Gjata - violin (sixth grade)

Aaron Gomez - trumpet (seventh grade)

Emily Goodin - violin (sixth grade)

Audra Hiscock - violin (fourth grade)

Savanna Hiscock - violin (seventh grade)

Francesca Lazzaro - clarinet (eighth grade)

Max Lerch - trombone (sixth grade)

Soren Loest - trombone (seventh grade)

Audra Loney - violin (sixth grade)

Will Pope - percussion (seventh grade)

Tyler Purse - alto saxophone (seventh grade)

Jordan Quaid-Bowman - trumpet (eighth grade)

Logan Sassi - cello (sixth grade)

Micah Williamson - cello (sixth grade)


First-place solos: Division I rating

Frankie Blanco Schubert - trombone (sixth grade)

Joude Bounama - cello (sixth grade)

Kate Costello - French Horn (seventh grade)

Jude Covert - trombone (seventh grade)

Charlotte Edwards - trumpet (sixth grade)

Alex Galasso - trombone (eighth grade)

Emily Goodin - trumpet (sixth grade)

Georgia Kiley - flute (sixth grade)

Nora Martinez - clarinet (sixth grade)

Owen Martinez - trumpet (sixth grade)

Jackson McCabe - trumpet (eighth grade)

Mason Mufich - percussion (sixth grade)

Samuel Parayno - percussion (sixth grade)

Ariella Poi - cello (eighth grade)

Kyle Quaid-Bowman - percussion (eighth grade)

Evan Rubinas - percussion (sixth grade)

Kavya Uppal - percussion (eighth grade)


First-place ensembles: Division I rating

Violin duet: Erin Egan and Marie Mathies (eighth grade)

Cello duet: Logan Sassi and Micah Williamson (sixth grade)

Duet: Leo OBrill – cello, and Erin Whitehead - viola (seventh grade)

Quartet: Musa Afzal - viola, Breanne Crawford - cello, Kurt Lewandowski - string bass and Ben Milligan - violin (eighth grade)


CCSD 89 music teachers Katie Berry, Lev Garbar, Kristi Kline, and Andrew Ladendorf are proud of the hard work and dedication of all the students who participated.

Posted: March 10, 2022