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Free app will help families track student's bus travel

Many CCSD 89 families will now be able to track their student’s trips to and from school through a free busing app. Parents can download the FirstView app, which will give them access to real-time information about their student’s bus travel.

First View AppYou can download the FirstView app from the App Store or Google Play. Families can only see bus information for their own child, so a student ID number is required to log in to the app. 

Families can find their student’s ID number by logging in to PowerSchool. The eight-digit ID number is listed directly below their student’s name. (The ID number is the same as the eight digits that are the start of your student’s CCSD 89 email address.) Middle school students can also get their student ID number from their ID card.

The FirstView app can give an estimated number of minutes until the bus will arrive at a specific student's stop, and shows when buses arrive at school. Families can also set up the app to send out customized alerts when a bus is a certain distance or certain number of minutes away from a stop. (Families are still encouraged to arrive at the stop 10 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival.)

After downloading the FirstView app, families will first need to accept the app's privacy notice. Then, the family member can choose to "Add a student". Using the drop-down menus, the family should select "Illinois", then "CCSD 89". Then add your student's ID number to link the app to your child's bus stop.

Once you have completed the FirstView sign-in, users can add up to three more people who will receive bus stop notifications. You can adjust your distance or time alerts through "settings" in the drop-down menu. To view your student's estimated arrival times, choose "Map" from the menu.

There is more information about the FirstView app, including detailed download instructions, at

This app is only available on regular-education busing. It is not available for Hopewell special-education transportation, early or late buses, or field trips.

Posted: October 6, 2021