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Students can report bullying, threats, crises through “SpeakUp for Safety” tip line

Students in Community Consolidated School District 89 have a new tool for reporting bullying, threats, or classmates in crisis. Students can confidentially call, email, or text the “SpeakUp for Safety” tipline at any time if they have information an adult needs to know. 

Students can text or call the ‘SpeakUp’ safety line at (630) 348-2033

Students can send an email to

Students can submit tips anonymously. They can also share photos via text or email.

“It is so important that students speak up if they are struggling or they know someone who is struggling,” said CCSD 89 Superintendent Dr. Emily Tammaru. “Of course, our staff is always ready to help anyone in crisis. This tip line gives students another way to share information that will help keep people safe. Students can make a difference.” 

Both the phone and email accounts are monitored every hour of every day by SpeakUp staff members. SpeakUp staff members evaluate the message and contact school district staff immediately about any life-threatening situations. If school district staff cannot be reached and there is imminent danger, SpeakUp could contact local law enforcement.

In July, students will begin receiving monthly emails to their “” student email accounts reminding them they can use the phone or email address to make a report. The “SpeakUp” email address will also be loaded as automatic contact in all “” student email accounts.

The same company that provides SpeakUp also scans student email accounts for mentions of drug or alcohol use, intentions of violence, self-harm, sexual content, hate speech, or pornography. Those emails are sent to district staff for action and/or discipline.

More information about SpeakUp and the Gaggle screening system is available at:

Posted: July 20, 2020