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Girl Scouts turn plastic caps into donated Glen Crest bench

Girl Scouts sitting on donated bench Thank you to Girl Scout Troop 50367 for donating a new bench to Glen Crest Middle School. The bench was made from more than 150 pounds of plastics caps and lids the Scouts collected over three years. The Scouts brought the plastic to an Indiana company that “upcycles” the lids and caps into benches. The project is part of the Scouts earning their Bronze Award.

The Scouts are all sixth-grade students at Glen Crest and Arbor View alum. Thank you to Scouts Olivia Cernauske, Jillian DeMayo, Haily McQueary, Ariella Poi, Harper Schmidt, and Abby Van Dusen.

State Rep. Terra Costa Howard presented the students with a Certificate of Recognition for their work.

Posted: January 15, 2020