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November 6: CCSD 89 schools to remain open for in-person learning

All five Community Consolidated School District 89 schools will continue to offer in-person learning on Monday, November 9. Families can expect in-person learning will continue past Monday, unless otherwise notified.
Why is the district continuing to offer in-person learning while several county metrics indicate substantial spread? To start, all CCSD 89 schools require masks, social distancing, frequent hand washing, reduced in-person class sizes, and contact tracing. DuPage County Health Department officials are confident that these mitigation strategies can help reduce the chance of spread at school.
Every day, the district monitors county and district data to determine if in-person learning can continue. The priority is district data, which is examined for both health and operational considerations. For instance, the district monitors sanitizing and PPE supplies to ensure there is enough available to keep all schools clean. Thanks to the foresight and vigilance of CCSD 89 Director of Buildings and Grounds Tim Tomazin, the district currently has more than sufficient supplies.
Staff availability and student absences are the most important factors for determining the district's health and ability to deliver effective instruction. The district also monitors Glen Ellyn, Lombard, and Wheaton health data. If the district were to see evidence of an outbreak in a school (defined as five COVID-19 cases in one class over two weeks) that would warrant an immediate change. At this time, we have not seen evidence of spread within our schools.
Some of this data was not available to us at the beginning of the pandemic, but we continue to adapt to the latest research and information from state and local health officials. The district will move to all-remote learning if it becomes necessary. Local conditions could cause the district to institute an "adaptive pause" - closing school for brief time in the hopes of reducing or preventing transmission.
One key factor that has helped the district maintain in-person learning is that families have kept students home when they show COVID-19 symptoms. At times this may be inconvenient to your family. However, it is essential for keeping our staff and students healthy. Please continue to follow the Illinois Department of Health prevention recommendations outside of school.
When in-person learning is available, guardians always make the final decision on the best fit for your family. If you need to make a change based on current health conditions, please contact your school’s principal.
Posted: November 6, 2020