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Glen Crest afterschool activities canceled for May 10

All afterschool clubs, sports, and activities at Glen Crest Middle School have been canceled for Friday, May 10 due to a water main break near the school.

The water main break does not affect the water pressure in the school. Drinking fountains, bathrooms, and fire-suppression systems are all working. Classes are going on as normal. 

The district’s buildings and grounds team will need to begin construction as soon as possible when the school day ends. This work will require heavy equipment at the school and water to be shut off during their afterschool work.

Certain areas in the back of the school will be blocked off; however, this does not affect the number of exit doors available in an emergency. 

An announcement has been made in school telling students that afterschool activities are canceled, and they should go home at the end of the school day.