CCSD 89 Handbook: Enrollment

  • Accelerated Placement Program

    The district provides an Accelerated Placement Program (APP). APP options include, but may not be limited to: (a) accelerating a student in a single subject; (b) other grade-level acceleration; and (c) early entrance to kindergarten or first grade.  Participation in the APP is open to all students who demonstrate high ability and who may benefit from accelerated placement. It is not limited to students who have been identified as gifted and talented.

    Eligibility to participate in the District’s APP shall not be conditioned upon the protected classifications identified in Board policy 500:10 (Equal Educational Opportunities) or any factor other than the student’s identification as an accelerated learner.  The district has the flexibility to establish the criteria for the APP, and design local education policy and instructional programs.  Based on such criteria, policies, and programs, the district reserves the right to make the final determination regarding a student’s placement after fair and equitable review.

    Administrative Transfers for Students

    CCSD 89 policies 500:30 and 500:30-R (School Attendance Areas and Student Assignment) provide administrative guidance in assigning new student enrollments to schools when class sizes are capped at elementary schools.  When an elementary school’s class sizes and sections are capped at the maximum enrollments, new students may be administratively transferred to another school with lower class sizes and available space.  Transportation will be provided.  The regulation is intended to balance elementary class size and make the best use of district resources.

    Should an opening become available during the school year, the first student moved out will be the first contacted to return to the original home school. The parent may elect to leave the student at the newly assigned school, return the student immediately to the home school, or inform the principal their child will return to the home school beginning the following academic year.

    Entrance Requirements

    To enter kindergarten, a child must be 5 years of age on or before September 1 of the current school term. First graders must be 6 years of age on or before September 1. To enroll in CCSD 89 preschool, children must be at least 3 years of age by September 1.

    Within 30 days a student enrolling, parents/guardians must supply the district with a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate.

    Equal Education Opportunity

    Per CCSD 89 Board Policy 500:10

    Equal educational opportunities shall be available for all students without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, language, religious belief, physical or mental impairment, financial status, status as to homelessness, order of protection status, actual or potential marital status, or parental status, including pregnancy. Equal educational opportunities shall include all programs, activities, and services or benefits offered by the district. The CCSD 89 Board of Education provides a uniform grievance procedure (Board Policy 100:260) for any individual who alleges a violation of this policy. Further information regarding this policy can be found on the district’s website,

    Open Boundary Enrollment

    Per CCSD 89 Board Policy 500:30-R

    Parents may request that their child be transferred to a CCSD 89 elementary school outside their attendance area. Applications for school reassignment are available in each school office. Completed applications shall be received annually from May 9 through May 20 (date and time stamped by the school office on the day received) by the school to which the parent is seeking their child’s reassignment. Consideration shall be given to requests on a first-come, space-available basis. Parents may not receive a final decision regarding open boundary reassignment until the sixth day of enrollment. District transportation will not be provided for students who have chosen to attend a school other than the one designated to serve that part of the district in which the student resides. Reassignment will normally permit continued enrollment until the child completes fifth grade.

    Student Fees and Textbook-Loan Program

    Textbooks and supplies are provided to students on a fee basis. Refunds of fees are made on a quarterly basis. No refunds are made during the final quarter of the school year.

    Each year upon registering your child, the district assesses fees that are customarily collected to defray the cost of textbooks, instructional materials, etc. There is a process for securing a waiver of fees for those eligible families. Generally, families who are eligible for such a waiver would include, but not be limited to, those who qualify for free lunches. If you have any questions about this subject, please call the school office.

    Fines for the abuse of books used by a student are made according to the teacher’s and principal’s judgment. Textbooks may be withheld for non-payment of rental fees or fines.

    The loan of textbooks shall be made in accordance with the rental fee set annually by the Board. Textbooks must be replaced at the current cost if a student loses a textbook or damages it beyond reasonable repair and/or usefulness. All books must be returned at the end of a school year.

    Student Registration

    All students will be registered online through a secure, online registration program. Each returning student will be assigned a unique “SnapCode” (access code), which is mailed to his or her home.

    Once received, parents and/or guardians can begin the registration process by creating an account with a password.

    Parents and/or guardians will use the individual “SnapCode” to register each child in the family under this account. Students are not fully enrolled until parents complete the full online form and submit the information. Payment may be made online or by personal check at the school office.

    More information is available at